$5,200 to Sweet Julia Grace Foundation!

Our chapter is amazing! We raised $5,200 for the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation, a local charity with a simple mission: To fill in the gaps, grant wishes, and meet the non-medical needs of children that are seriously ill, have special needs, or are in the midst of a medical crisis. We are so excited to support this cause, one member, one $100 check at a time. Our next meeting will be August 9 at 7:30 p.m.! We have 56 women in the Gainesville area who are helping us support those in need in our community – can you help us reach 100?  In six meetings we have raised $28,300 for local charities. Find us on Facebook or send us an email at 100womengainesville@gmail.com.

The Winner Is Sweet Julia Grace Foundation!

The winner of our 2nd quarter donation is the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation! This is a very local charity with a simple mission: to fill in the gaps, grant wishes, and meet the non-medical needs of children that are seriously ill, have special needs, or are in the midst of a medical crisis. We are thrilled with the choice the members made! It is not too late to help us raise money for this amazing cause. Do you have $100 you can spare, or can you join with a friend to donate $100 together? Send us a message!

Some other updates from last night’s meeting:

Last quarter we donated to Mission Sleep, a charity which provides overnight newborn care to military and first-responder families.  Founder Denise Stern wrote, “So basically, and this is not an overstatement, the 100 Women Who Care brought Mission Sleep back to life.”  She goes on to state that the charity had been squeaking by on small donations, helping 1 or 2 moms a month, but now they are growing leaps and bounds.  They have extended their care to single-mom vets, and are partnering with Inova Health Services to make Mission Sleep care a standard practice for NOVA police families.  They are currently assisting an active duty mom due with twins and a single active duty mom who feared she would have to “Uber” home from the hospital, among others.  Our donation has been transformative!

The 100+ Alliance recently shared some great stats. As of April 21, they counted 490 chapters of 100 worldwide, with another 180 in some stage of development.  Chapter leaders were asked to state how much money they have raised for charity to-date.  With only 146 chapters (we were one of them!) reporting, $16,638,000 has been raised.  Imagine the actual total!  This is the power of 100!

Next Meeting Is May 9!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 9th at 7:30 p.m. Please bring your check for $100 and join us at the Braemar Clubhouse, 12300 Iona Sound Drive in Bristow. Or, grab a friend and contribute your $100 together! Can you believe that in 5 short meetings our chapter has raised $23,100 for some amazing local charities? Help us continue the good work we are doing! If you come to the meeting and plan to donate, you are also eligible to nominate a charity for consideration. Send us a message at 100womengainesville@gmail.com if you would like more information!

$5,500 to Mission Sleep!

With the help of our wonderful members we managed to donate our highest amount ever – $5,500 – to Mission Sleep!  Mission Sleep is a local non-profit that provides overnight newborn care to military and first responder families whose babies are born when a partner is deployed, wounded or deceased. We are so proud to support the amazing work this organization is doing.  Never question whether or not you can make a difference…when committed people come together, anything is possible!  We are well on our way to 100!


Mission Sleep to Receive Donation!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our first quarter 2017 donation will go to the local nonprofit Mission Sleep, founded by our own Gainesville Area 100 Women Who Care member, Denise Stern.  Mission Sleep provides night nurses to the women and their babies who are married to military members / first responders who are deployed, or sadly, killed in action. If we match our total of $5100 from last quarter, Denise believes we can help about 25 moms/babies!  We will be accepting checks for this wonderful cause for the next few weeks.  We would love to have you join the great work we are doing!  Search us on Facebook or send us an email at 100womengainesville@gmail.com for more information.